Divine Feminine Inner Journey Mentor Program

six online tailor-made private sessions

“A blooming flower once was a bud.
Afraid to come out and share its beauty.
Then it decided to let go of the old paradigm,
and grow into something luminous, for everyone to see.
The flower doesn’t bloom for its own benefit though;
its full expression benefitting all.”

The Divine Feminine is expressed in our intuition, creativity, receptivity and fluidity.

For all, women and men alike, it is the space which allows for openness to change and deeper communication with nature. With it we have greater access to our natural energy that is grounding, centering and balancing. This is our true state of being.

In our current society, however, many have lost connection with their intuition and inner world. A lack of clear intentions and motivation makes it difficult to create and manifest that what we need with ease. Craving simplicity and softness, you may be experiencing the opposite as we are constantly encouraged to do more and work harder.

What if, it doesn’t have to be this way?
What if, when you reconnect with yourself clarity will emerge naturally?
What if, with some simple practices you will be able to get back into your creative flow?
You probably wouldn’t believe me, because the mind likes to make things complicated.
I too had to learn the hard way, until I decided it was time to let go of the old and make space for something magical.

Over a span of more than two decades I have practiced and studied yoga, meditation, Chinese medicine, Buddhist teachings and several healing modalities.

I have learned and applied personal development tools based in psychology and Internal Family Systems. I have led countless retreats and multiple teacher trainings. And now, I’d like to offer all of my experience in a tailor-made program to serve those who, like me, hunger for the truth and wish to be of service to the world by being their truest Self.

The Divine Feminine Inner Journey Mentor Program consists of 6 one-hour private online sessions and self practice, offering you an opportunity to dive within and to emerge with a renewed sense of clarity and direction in your life.

In these 6 sessions you will:

  • become clear on your intentions and what you’d like to manifest in your life;
  • explore your inner world to understand what is holding you back;
  • experience an Energy Healing session with Light Language transmission;
  • receive and learn a personalized practice that will fit your schedule and life style, to support your body, heart and mind; and more.

Session 1 – The Beginning
Session 2 – Co-Creation of your Practice
Session 3 – Exploration of your Inner World (mind)
Session 4 – Healing
Session 5 – Exploration of your Inner World (energy body)
Session 6 – Completion

Your sessions can be scheduled bi-weekly or monthly, with the option to discuss whatever rhythm suits you best.

This Program is for you, if you:

  • want to reconnect with your Divine Feminine energy;
  • feel stuck and want to start creating again;
  • need help building a personal at-home practice;
  • would like to introduce a new ritual into your daily routine;
  • are interested in exploring your inner world;
  • would benefit from personal guidance on your spiritual path;
  • feel a “yes” bubbling up in your heart, even though you don’t know why;
  • are ready for some magic.

Email me for the full details of the Divine Feminine Inner Journey Mentor Program: