“Stillness resides within, you only have to listen”


Taking a moment to be still allows you to tune into the immediacy of your experience; to notice it as it is right now. A moment of stillness can be just a pause, a moment in which you stop doing and simply take a deep breath.

Stress Management seems to be the number one thing many people are looking for. Mindfulness Meditation is a scientifically proven practice to reduce stress. Stress is mostly caused by our own thoughts. Learning to be aware of what we are thinking, and cultivating the ability to change the way we think, can greatly reduce stress. Marije Paternotte is a former corporate lawyer who has experienced first hand the debilitating effects of stress. She offers Mindfulness Meditation as a tool to manage stress.

Practicing mindfulness, in the form of moments of stillness, is a tool to be present and aware of how you feel in your body, of your breathing, and of the thoughts that are going through your mind, without judging. By experiencing the moment as it is, without making up a story or getting caught in thoughts about the past or future, and with consistent practice, you – literally – change the way your brain works. When you are fully present “in the moment” you will have the ability to choose how you act, instead of mindlessly reacting to whatever comes your way. With the power of choice you have the power to live and experience each moment as you make it, instead of feeling overwhelmed by everything that happens to you and by what others say or do.

Everyone can practice Mindfulness meditation. There is no such thing as a mind that “thinks too much”, or not having enough time to meditate. The mind is busy, that’s what it does, but we can train it – very much like we train a puppy – to sit still and experience the extraordinary state of well-being when we find stillness underneath the turmoil. And by simply sitting and breathing, we create a more coherent state of mind that makes us more productive, so we can get more done in less time.

I offer private Mindfulness meditation sessions in person, by Skype and in corporate offices.

Silent Yoga and Meditation weekend retreat:

April 12 – 14, 2019. Read more here


30-minute private session

$ 50

(Skype only)


60-minute private session

$ 105

Corporate session

fee on request


June 23, 2018


More dates coming soon!


12:00 – 6:00 p.m.

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Silent Retreat Day

I offer Silent Retreat Days to those who would like to deepen their practice and are interested in cultivating a capacity to observe their inner and outer experience as it is. The day will include both seated and walking meditation in the Buddhist Mindfulness tradition, as well as a Yin Yoga practice with Dharma talk.

The venue is the beautiful private River Yoga studio in Brick (NJ). The studio is surrounded by trees and close to the Metedeconk river, making it ideal for a day of seclusion. The capacity of the studio is 14 people, which allows for an intimate and personal experience. If possible, please bring your own meditation cushion and yoga mat.

I will offer this retreat on donation basis. In order to keep this day sustainable, a donation of $50 – 80 is suggested (based on what you are able to pay) payable at the venue in cash or by check.

Upon registration you will receive further instructions, the details on the location of River Yoga, and the schedule of the day.

12:00 – 6:00 p.m.