The Five ElementsDecember 12, 2021

The Five Elements – an exploration of the Five Elements in Chinese Medicine with a Yin and Yang yoga practice.

In this workshop we will explore the basic principles of the Five Elements as described in Chinese Medicine. We will look at how the elements are associated with your health and mental and emotional well-being, and how your lifestyle can balance the elements or, reversely, bring them out of balance.

Understanding the basics of the Five Elements can give you another tool to develop greater agency over your life.

The workshop will start with a talk about the Five Elements, followed by a Yin Yang yoga practice.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • what the Five Elements are;
  • how the Five Elements affect us;
  • how we can affect the Five Elements; and
  • a Yin and Yang practice to balance the Five Elements.

This workshop is forĀ all levels. Some yoga experience is recommended.

USD 62 (studio BE subscribers receive a 20% discount)