how to sit to stop doing and change your mind

Change Your Mind

I've been dealing with a serious health challenge in my family for the last couple of months, which has me traveling back and forth across the Atlantic. This is why I haven't written in a while, as other things seem more important at the moment....

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Go with the Flow

Last week I was on a 5-day Silent Meditation Retreat. Besides no talking, there was no reading, no writing, no music, just nothing to distract me from the present moment, other than my own thoughts. I loved it, and hated it. I love being silent,...

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Yin is In

As the world seems to move faster and faster, fueled by a never ending stream of information that is constantly available through our mobile devices, there is a need to slow down. Even in people's yoga practice - that is intended to relax the body and calm the mind...

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