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”Do not believe anything until you have experienced it as your own truth”

Movement · Balance · Stillness

“Merge movement with unchanging stillness. Blend stretch with breath and depth-mind awareness. Bridging the inner and outer realms is yoga’s gift, allowing layer after layer to peel away until the truth is undisputable, and I am left suspended like a drop of dew, poised and lucid in the quiet.”

– Danna Faulds

You are kindly invited to explore my website to find how you can return to – or maintain – your own optimal way of being. Whether your path is one of practicing vigorous yoga sequences, quiet Yin yoga poses, nurturing breathing exercises, balancing healing sessions, or still contemplation through Mindfulness meditation, I would be delighted to assist you in creating a custom practice that will serve you well.

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There are many different reasons for practicing yoga. Maybe you’d like to become more flexible, enhance your physical endurance, or simply improve your overall health. Perhaps you injured yourself and would like to get back to your full range of motion and strength. You may feel stressed and would like to use movement to find stillness in your mind. Or you’d like to create a deeper self-awareness and use your body to go inside.




Balance is our natural order. It is a state in which things occur in equal or proper amounts. Our body naturally works towards homeostasis – a stable state of equilibriumBut then life happens: too much work, too little sleep, worries, family issues, unhealthy diet, or whatever it may be, lead to physical, mental and emotional dis-ease. In other words: imbalance.




Taking a moment to be still allows you to tune into the immediacy of your experience; to notice it as it is right now. A moment of stillness can be just a pause, a moment in which you stop doing and simply take a deep breath.


Tools for stress management

November 27, 2016
Delight Yoga, Amsterdam
(The Netherlands)

We all know what stress feels like. Stress can be helpful to get things done or to run away when danger is imminent. Yet more often than not stress is an undesirable by-product of our busy lives.

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