A Channeled Message: The Hero’s Journey

“When you are resisting life as it is, you are not only resisting your own life but are resisting life as it happens. Allow the floodgate of Life to be open. Let it all in. Your fear of change is unfounded, as you do not know what is even possible when you give up any resistance. Now, we are not saying that you should allow yourself to get physically hurt if someone were to attack you. And we are also saying that when you are truly standing in your power, by truly giving up all resistance, there is no one that can hurt you, and no one would even try, as you will be untouchable. Your True Power is founded in Love and Light so powerful that nothing and no one can touch you, nothing and no one can trigger you, nothing and no one will affect how you feel. As you will know who you are. You are All That Is, and you will be living in your Heaven on Earth as this is what you came here for. This is why you chose to reincarnate in this life time. To experience the suffering and the density of being in a physical body and the shift to elevating your consciousness in such a way that you can live in a physical body yet have the experience as if you were not. Now, there is true heroism in volunteering for such a journey, and we on the Other Side are applauding you for taking it on. You are our Hero. And as you know, heroes have a journey to take. It is all by your own design. We are telling you: it is time for an upgrade of your design. It is time to step into the Fullness of who you truly are. To live your dreams, only to find out that your dreams are the fabric of what makes up reality and everything that you think is happening now is actually not. You are asleep, yet you will be waking up soon. All of humanity is. You are on the threshold of Heaven on Earth. The gates are open. We await you with open arms. Give up all resistance. It only takes one step. We adore you. Whenever you’re ready. We are here.”