Channeled Message: The Show Called Life

Recently I started channeling messages from a Higher Consciousness. I don’t make them up; I literally hear the words in my head and I write them down. When I read them back I realize that there is no way I would have come up with the words I see on the paper. Sara Landon describes channeling as: “(…) the translation of higher consciousness and a greater perspective into language. It is a means by which non-physical energy communicates in our physical world. While not everyone deliberately receives infinite intelligence and translates it into words, that experience is not unlike many common occurrences in daily life.” (…) “At the heart of channeling is the ability to open up to something more than the limited human self. This happens in countless ways for us all the time and is often easy to recognize in creative expressions like writing, painting, dancing, and all artistic mediums. Such creativity is frequently referred to as inspired when it clearly seems to come from a much grander viewpoint.”

So I’d like to share the messages that I receive here with you, as I hope you find them as helpful as I find them to be.

Hello, hello, hello! Welcome! Welcome to the greatest show ever created. The show called: Life. You think that this is all random and a failed experiment, but nothing could be further from the truth! Everything is divinely orchestrated and manifested in ways you will never understand, but that you can fully experience when you allow yourself to flow with the current of life rather than to resist what is. What is is always perfect. You may not always like it, but we are not here to “like”. We are here to learn, to manifest, to create, to expand our greatest potential. And sometimes that requires some stretching of your comfort zone.

Don’t despair as it is not all misery what is happening in the world today. Everything that is happening is for the greatest good of mankind. There are no random “accidents”, no mistakes, as the blueprint of a greater vision is slowly coming into view for all to see who are willing to open their eyes. Some choose to stay blind. Some choose to not listen. Some choose to not expand into a higher consciousness. And that’s ok. The turning point at which the level of awareness has risen enough that it will outshine the density created by some will be clear. It will happen. 

We are in awe of the manifestations that are coming forth in your world and the willingness to allow the Light to shine through even when it hurts. For hurt is solely the result of resisting what is. Hurt it the pushing against that what Life is showing you to learn about. 

Allow allow allow. Be still. Deep breaths. All is well. We are here, and sending so much love. This is enough for now.