Encouraged by the Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training students to whom I read this morning, I’d like to share with you too the poem that I channeled after my meditation-in-motion* last night.


Stillness resides within.
You only have to listen.
Water ripples
spreading Prana
wherever it needs to go.
No words can describe the movement of God.
Just breathe.
Soften to receive.
Surrender to the Divine
and let it flow.
Amazing grace
flows amongst us.
In the circle
safe space
white light
Joy is the residue of letting go.
Only laughter remains.


* In the Kripalu Yoga tradition, Meditation-in-motion is a practice in which you let your body move to the Prana (Life Force) that flows through you, without a pre-fixed idea about how to move. This is a deeply spiritual and intimate practice that often results in profound insights.