A Channeled Message: The Ultimate Truth of Reality

You are exactly where you are supposed to be, otherwise you wouldn’t be there. You think that you need to make things happen, that you actively need to do things to manifest your Heaven on Earth. Nothing could be further from the truth. Be in your truth, be in a consciousness of love and surrender to every moment. Be here now. There is no other place you need to be. Allow us to unfold the plan for you: there is no plan. You create whatever it is you want to create. You simply need to be clear on what it is that you want to create. Do you want more money, or peace of mind? Do you want a bigger house, or feel abundant? Do you want to travel, or feel free? Focus on how you want to feel and be that. Be the peace, be the freedom, be the abundance. You are the All That Is. You are everything that has ever existed and ever will exist. You are Infinite, Eternal and Whole. There’s nothing lacking ever. And when you think there is, be reminded that that’s a thought from your human mind that may seem very real but is not true. What if everything you wish to believe – but don’t, for no matter what reason – were actually true? What if belief is the Higher Consciousness level of thinking? What if you could see that the limited perspective of your mind is indeed that: limited? You are so much more powerful and grand than you give yourself credit for! What if you could choose joy over sorrow, love over hatred, trust over fear, acceptance over resistance, knowing over thinking? What would you choose?┬áMake this choice with your heart, as this speaks your truth clearly. Remember your mind thinks that it needs to keep you safe. But there is nothing you need to be protected from, as nothing can harm you. You are not your body, your job, your house, and you’re not even your life. You are. You just are. And nothing can change that. So choose being. Or better yet: just be. As ultimately that is not even a choice. It is the Ultimate Truth of Reality.