It is not the letting go that hurts but the holding on

I like to repeat these wise words to myself whenever it is time to move on. Whether it is something mundane as throwing away an old super comfortable t-shirt that really has too many holes in it to wear, or saying good-bye to a dear friend or family member I won’t see for quite a while, these words offer me comfort. They sure needed a lot of repetition during the process of letting go of my company name – and domain – Be You Own Yoga.

By choosing to use my own name for my business and new website, it felt like I had to shed a layer of myself. It was an old layer though. Just like a snake that outgrows its own skin, it was a natural and inevitable process. It was time to shine light on my new self-assured, grounded and confident self. With that, it only made sense to share what I have to offer under my name: Marije Paternotte.

When I started teaching yoga it didn’t feel right to offer yoga classes and retreats under my own name. Who was I to call yoga “Marije yoga”? I didn’t want to identify myself with what my students would practice: I was offering yoga, not myself. At least, that’s what I thought. Within that frame of mind I conceived the name of my business: Be Your Own Yoga. Be your yoga, and let it be Your Own, was how I encouraged my students to practice. And I will continue to do so. But I will do it in my own unique way now.

More than seven years later I have evolved so much in my own practice and in the way I teach, I feel like a river that keeps widening and slowing down as it approaches the ocean. I know that how and what I teach is a reflection of my own discoveries and experiences. I don’t have to memorize anyone else’s practice anymore in order to teach a “good class”, yet I let myself be inspired by my teachers – for whom I am so grateful – and turn it into something uniquely mine. I offer a rare blend of strength and softness. A balance between movement and stillness. And in addition to yoga I offer healing sessions and Mindfulness Meditation. I practice what I preach, and I preach what I practice.

By letting go of the old, I feel light and free. It is not a coincidence I launched my new identity at this time. The Fall equinox brings the energy of Kali – the goddess of creation and destruction, death and rebirth. I feel so proud and empowered to have a website under my own name. I hope you’ll keep following along on my ever expanding journey of self-discovery.