Change is Good

On the about page on my website it says: “After joining a yoga retreat in Bali life led her to the United States (….)”. Maybe you have wondered what that means? How can “life” have led me to a completely different way of living, in every sense of the word? What is “life” in this case anyway? Well, let me tell you.

Early 2007 one of my teachers gave me a book to read. “I think you’ll like this”, she said. It was Dr. Eric Pearl’s The Reconnection: Heal Others Heal Yourself. I read the book in one weekend. I was fascinated, and – after reading it – determined to meet Dr. Eric Pearl himself. A Google search led me to a conference in Santa Fe (NM) where Dr. Pearl would give a workshop. As there are no coincidences in life, I “happend” to have planned a vacation in the United States’ South West during the time of that conference. This is how I – a corporate lawyer from Amsterdam – got to meet Dr. Pearl for the first time. I was hooked.

About a year later, Dr. Pearl and The Reconnection Teaching Team came to Amsterdam. Together with 500 other people I attended Dr. Pearl’s training to become a Foundational Practitioner of Reconnective Healing. During the training we had the opportunity to experience a private Reconnective Healing session, as well as something called The Reconnection. I overheard people saying that this was a great opportunity to “have this done now they’re here”. I didn’t really understand what that meant. I didn’t know what “The Reconnection” was, but it sounded good so I booked a session.

“What on Earth am I doing here?” I wondered while lying on a bed in a strange woman’s hotel room. It was snowing and getting dark outside. “There must be a reason why I am here, so I better relax”. I tried, but as soon as my practitioner started The Reconnection session I was suddenly jerked upright. She wasn’t touching me, but “something” was moving me. For the next 30 minutes my limbs continued to involuntarily move. It was weird. And fascinating. I had never experienced something like that before.

The second session was quite uneventful compared to the first, which was a little disappointing. “Just pay attention to things changing in your life” my practitioner said when we were done. I trusted her, as she was one of the assistants on Dr. Pearl’s teaching team. I was only hoping the guy who had broken up with me a few months earlier would want to get back together. That would be a nice life change, I thought. Little did I know.

The ex boyfriend never came back. But I got something much better. One night, a few months later, I was debating whether to go to a yoga class. I was tired after a long day at work, but I went anyways. When I put down my mat I saw a girl that looked familiar. It was a friend I hadn’t seen in 10 years. After class we went out for a drink (tea, in this case) and got caught up. Upon hearing my broken relationship story she suggested I go to Bali to take a yoga retreat. “No way” I thought. “Yes, you are” the Universe decided.

The same “something” that jerked my up from the bed during The Reconnection session kept whispering in my ear I should check out this yoga resort in Bali. Apparently this “something” had so much power that it was able to manifest a spot for me in the yoga retreat during the week of my choice, whereas it was sold out when I first inquired. And so it happened I took my first yoga retreat in  September 2008. It was during this week I decided I wanted to study yoga. (Read more about that decision here: “Why I teach Yoga“.)

After the yoga retreat I had another week to explore Bali. I had arranged a driver to take me to the coast, to go to another little island from there. After a temple visit in the morning, I decided to have lunch in the little town before my driver would pick me up. I was on my way to a restaurant I had been before when “something” told me to cross the street and go to a different place. This is how I ended up at Casa Luna, which I recognized as the restaurant I had dinner at with some of my fellow yoga students two days earlier.

While eating my lunch, a handsome blue-eyed man suddenly stood next to my table asking if I was eating alone. Upon my affirmative nod he then asked if I wanted some company. “No”, I said. “I am kind of in a hurry”. Apparently I didn’t sound very convincing, because he sat down anyways: “That’s ok. I’ve already eaten”. We had the funniest conversation until I – indeed – had to leave to not let my driver wait. We agreed to see each other again upon my return from the island trip three days later. The man lived in the United States. I still lived in Amsterdam. Yet, when we said good bye after hanging out for a day I somehow knew I would see him again.

A year later I moved from The Netherlands to the United States. I quit my job as a lawyer, became a yoga teacher and started a practice for Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection. The man is now my husband.

The “something” that kept – and keeps – guiding me on my life path is the Energy, Light and Information known as the Reconnective Healing frequencies. They are life in progress. Because change is inevitable, and that’s a good thing.