Google Mind

– Guest Blog by Evangelos Diavolitsis –


Insight of the day.

Stillness is the best google search!

I discovered this afternoon that a still mind is much more educational and illuminating than any google search.

What do I mean by this?

When my thinking mind is still, I notice I have access to anything I have personally learned in this lifetime. There is a memory recall.

When the mind stops completely for more extensive periods of time, there is also access to everything everyone else has ever learned. We are all part of one mind (pure consciousness).

WiFi is proof that data can travel through space.

Ever wonder how information moves from me, to you, to us and back again?

The still mind and the inter-connected vast group mind that unites us all, is way more powerful and informative than any google search.

It requires training to calm the thinking mind. This training leads to an ever present fluid access of our vast inner google library.

One must regularly practice the art of doing nothing.

Nothingness is the key to success.

Nothingness is knowledge.

Mastering nothingness leads to open-source wisdom.

Wisdom is an inside job!

May I train myself to remember the source of wisdom.

May I remember that every time I forfeit the beauty of the meditative mind for the endlessly seductive rabbit holes of the internet, I am missing out on the best google search ever!

Google and Facebook are born out of the radiating minds of bright individuals who create and innovate from a unified field sourcing a mysterious translucent cloud of never ending possibilities.

Over and Out – Big Love – Evangelos!


Meet Evangelos ( and his partner Nishta!):

Evangelos and Nishta are multi-disciplinary movement workshop leaders, Dharma and meditation teachers and behavioural money coaches. They empower people to move beyond their limitations and habits while opening them up to conscious and creative ways of embodied living. Their teachings focus on money, movement, mindfulness, and mystery.